Ho-Oh Island

Below you can search the co-ordinates of items. If it is found in the Lugia IslandFind the map here: https://nooksgift.com/lugia/

Lugia Island

Below you can search the co-ordinates of items. If it is found in the Ho-Oh Island.Find the map here: https://nooksgift.com/ho-oh/

Subscribers Dodo Codes

These codes are for subscribers only. Do not share.They are updated once every 5 minutes. DIYS: PICHU: BUILDING: CLOTHES: EEVEE: ORDER/PICHU: NOT WORKING: For more accurate code or help – please contact us on discord.Report if they are not working. https://discord.gg/WRNG6DhcDQ


Please check below for the location of each category.To find what individual items are in each category, please check out the items!https://nooksgift.com/items/ LEGENDARY ISLAND Lugia Island contains 8000 unique items – from all the items ever existed. Ho-Oh Island contains the rest 3000-4000 of them. To find the item co-ordinates, head to https://nooksgift.com/lugia Use the… Continue reading Maps


These are the items for each island. ALL islands contain loot (Bells, NMT, Turnips, Royal Crowns). PARTY ISLAND MaterialsBellsNMTWoodStoneSeasonalFish BaitStar Fragments NMPoint ItemsStreet itemsCarnival Items2.0 Update Items OthersMuseum ItemsGyroidsKK SliderDIYsGolden Tools FESTIVAL ISLAND Seasonal Items Including:Turkey DayToy DayFall/Summer/Winter ItemsSpookyWeddingand more! CLOTHES1 ISLAND 50% of All Clothes + LootHats, Shirts, Dresses, Accessories and More! FURNITURE1 ISLAND… Continue reading Items